CEL Solutions (Construction Engineering Logistics)

With our current expertise, we combine between Local Logistics and Construction sector  to provide you a seamless supply chain solution in building material, equipment and  even import & Export clearance. Container freight, stuffing/ unstuffing container, chartering of barge and custom permit

Our CEL concept providing you a one stop service and solution in construction site and logistics.


Integrated Warehousing service with IT innovation

Inventory Management

To manage customers’ inventory effectively and efficiently, we have established:

  • Hubbing and Consolidation
  • Storage – General/Bonded (Free Trade Zone)/ Covered Ware House, Open Yard, Bulk Storage
  • Pick and Pack
  • Stuffing and Unstuffing
  • Distribution
  • Warehouse management system (WMS)


Land Transport

SG Port Road Value option offers you cost-effective, safe and reliable. We  team up with you to build new point-to-point services, design customized  “milk runs” and implement cross docking solutions to optimize trailer load  factors and costs. Our operation controller service manages your  transportation needs for critical and high-value road shipments. Each of  our Road Freight Services is tied directly to our comprehensive portfolio of  road, sea, air and logistics service capabilities. With our managed road  service, we can also manage and optimize your portfolio of FTL and LTL  haulers. With our all kind of transport equipment that can provide various  trucking solutions

Capacity up to 3500 container round trip permonth

Prime Mover: 22

Trailers: 85